AcroPals Social Media Policy

All photos and videos during classes from the waiting area prohibited.
We often make time at the end of class for parents to come in to watch 'show and tell.' If your Child/Children is doing individual tricks you may ask the coach if you can film / photograph them or your Coach will do this for you.

  • No filming under any circumstances without your coaches approval.
    Be mindful that if your child is doing a partner or group trick you must not film or photograph them.

  • Coaches or assistants will usually film or take photos in each class, these photos will be uploaded privately to a class dropbox folder.

  • Once Per Term we conduct professional quality photos during class and these are posted to the class DropBox folders.

  • New folders will be created each School Term so past students will no longer have access.

  • The parent or guardian who registered via the AcroPals Portal will be emailed access to this folder.

  • You must not share this folder with others unless they are a parent/ guardian of your Child/ Children.

  • You must opt out of your child being filmed/ photographed, please make your preferences known to Miss Ilyan before attending paid classes and we will ensure they are not filmed/ photographed.

  • Do not share or post photos or videos of your child that feature other children without prior approval from AcroPals Staff. Some families have opted out of social media posts for their Child/Children.

  • Do not speak about or name other students or parents on Social Media without prior permission.

  • Direct all communication to Ilyan Keay where possible via email;

  • We will never name Children by first and last name in Social Media Posts.

  • We will not accept friend requests from our students on facebook or communicate with them via direct message unless parents are running the account and have given permission for videos/photos to be sent this way. This is the exception and not the rule!

  • Do not encourage your children to communicate with teachers via social media.

  • Teachers will ignore any requests or messages of a personal nature and limit any communication to class content only. We will avoid communicating with students and direct them to get their parents to communicate with us directly.

  • Example of Communication that will be ignored;

“Hi Miss, I just saw this movie and it is awesome, have you seen it yet?” “Hi Miss, I hope you are having a great holiday! I miss class!”

Example of Acceptable Communication;

“Can you please send me the Choreography we did last week so I can Practice at home?” “I am going to be late to class today and I wanted to make sure you knew.” “Here is a video of something I would love to learn in class.”

  • Parent Run accounts will sometimes be tagged with prior permission from the studios/ parents.
    * We will not tag Parents or Children in posts unless given prior permission.
    * We will try to make photos/ videos of a general nature and avoid heavily featuring faces, school uniforms, or other identifiable features unless given the okay by parents. We will ensure photos that do not meet appropriate standards and could be misused are deleted and not stored or posted.

Photo and Video Standards;

Not Acceptable;

Images where children of families who have opted out of social media posts are clearly shown,

Heavily Featured Faces,

Shots from above looking down on students,

Crotch shots,

Shots where students legs are split shot from the front,

Images where a students shorts, shirt or skirt has risen up and a crop top/ shorts is not being worn underneath.

Images where a lot of skin is shown.

Students in school uniforms with emblems clearly displayed,

Images where a students private areas are in the forefront of a shot,

Any photos that could be considered inappropriate posing for their age group.  

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