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It all started when…

After retiring at 16, burnt out after 12 years of extensive Trampolining, Sports Acrobatics, and Elite Gymnastics Training (up to 36 hours per week!)

Ilyan turned her focus to Dance at Newtown Performing Arts and Part-Time Tramp and Acro Coaching.

Part-time Quickly became a Full-time Dance Acro teaching career, and Ilyan saw the need for something solely Acro Focused, that could combine, sports Acrobatics, Tumbling and Dance Acro out of a competitive environment.

No Uniforms, No Concerts, No extra fluff and stress, just the pure love of Acro Training and all of the friendship and rewards it brings.

AcroPals has grown immensely a year and we are extremely proud of our AcroPals families, and the joy our AcroPals Students bring to their teachers. We have created a welcoming, happy environment, away from the glare of competition and created a space for our kids to shine (and learn some pretty cool tricks!)



We provide a balanced approach to Acro which utilises Sport Acrobatics, AcroYoga, Partner and Group Lifts and Cheer Tricks on a foundation of Tumbling & Acro Dance Training.

Each week follows a unique theme and we build up skills bit by bit.

Our goal for our students is for them to have a perfect balance of Flexibility, Strength, Sports Acro Skills, Performance and Tumbling Ability.

We have a diverse range of influences and encourage creativity from both our students & acro teachers.

No matter the level our Acro is above all things fun.


Our Options

We offer a range of options to create the Best Acrobats wherever they are on their Acro Journey.



These classes are based out of our Marrickville and St Peters Studios, we also offer In School Sports and After Care Activities. As well as Incursion and Excursions for Vacation Care Programs!

Our classes are fun and safety focused, we use Airtracks in all classes.

We teach Acrobatics on a solid base of strength training and stretching, with an emphasis on basic tumbling. Our Classes progress to acro flips & aerials and each lesson incorporates group and partner balances.

We offer everything Acro from Pre-School preparatory through to Performance Dance Acrobatics. All classes follow the AcroPals Syllabus from Beginner 1 up to Advanced level; we track each students development and provide videos and photos of their achievements along the way.


Under the guidance of Head Coach Ilyan Keay we have developed unrivaled Dance Acro Training.

We provide real time feedback and content for Studios, Dancers and Parents.

Using video and photos we give advanced on the spot technique corrections and track each dancers development through the AcroPals Syllabus.

We combine advanced tumbling and deft defying partner and group lifts and balances to build well rounded AcroDancers for a career in performance. From Basics through to advanced aerial combos and twisting skills we know how to get results.



MArrickville & St Peters Classes!

Come to our studios at Inner Space Yoga , Amera’s Palace Marrickville and St Peters Anglican Church St Peters!

We currently offer classes from;

Pre School Age 1.5 Plus (Beginner 1) 

To Senior/ Advanced Acro, and also Family Classes!

All of our Classes are Open, Fun and supportive of all levels and abilities!



Private Lessons in Person

Miss Ilyan and our other AcroPals teachers currently offer Private Lessons at our studios. We are often fully booked, but encourage you to enquire as new options can become available.

Rates start at just $45 (Half Hour) and privates can be split between upto 4 students, check out our private lesson page for rates.

Privates at other locations across Sydney are also available around our Teachers Current Schedules.

AcroPals is Proud to be Partnered with Movement101 Physio and Pilates!

We care for our AcroPals Families and want to keep them safe, happy and Active both inside and outside of Acro. AcroPals has a very low injury rate and in order to keep it that way we consult with the experts at Movement101 Physio and Pilates.

We are proud to continue to improve and work with the advice of their medical professionals to ensure the long term safety of our Staff and Students.

Taking care of your body is a commitment, there are always things we can strengthen and improve, and being Proactive and seeking advice is always something we wish to encourage.

With these special offers to our AcroPals Families who can resist!

All AcroPals Students, and immediate Family Members Receive a Gap Free Initial Consultation at any Movement101 Clinic, and $10 off Subsequent Appointments.

Visit Movement101 at several locations including Marrickville, Botany and Wolli Creek.

Contact us to find out more about the special offer for AcroPals Members: