Parent Code of Conduct

Parent Code of Conduct

We have created a friendly supportive environment for our students, staff and parents at AcroPals.

While we are laid back and Ilyan and any other staff are always happy to work with you and not against you, you must follow our parent code of conduct whilst you or your child is a student of AcroPals.

As you will see these rules are put in place for the protection of you/ your Children.

Please offer suggestions and feedback to Ilyan Keay or via a suggestion box.

General Rules

  • Make you and your child known to coaches/ staff at your first lesson.

  • Do not leave the premises if your Child is unable to go to the bathroom unassisted.

  • Do not leave private Lessons.

  • Do not enter the bathrooms if another child other than your own is present.

  • If you see a stranger in the waiting areas or hanging around please notify staff immediately.

  • Alert AcroPals to your Social Media Preferences on Registration.

  • Disclose all relevant medical information about your child to staff.

  • Ensure your Child has an inhaler or Epipen on them at all times if necessary and inform your Child’s Coach of this on a regular basis.

  • No nuts on the premises.

  • Do not assist any Child But your own during class. If you see another child struggling try to get a coach/ assistant to help them.

  • Make sure your Child is appropriately clothed for an Acro Class with their hair tied up.

  • Make sure your Child Has a Water Bottle at EVERY class.

  • If you see something Say Something! Please email Ilyan directly with any Concerns or leave a note via our suggestion Box.


  • Do not speak negatively about any Students of AcroPals including your own Children.

  • Do not gossip about other students, staff or parents.

  • Do not coach your child during class, if you have a question or comment direct it to the coach.

  • Do not enter the classroom unless your coach has said it is okay or has suggested you watch/ assist your child.

  • Please observe your child but do not berate or correct them during class, think of how this may affect other children in the class who may be making the same mistakes as your child.

  • If your child is misbehaving; you may ask a coach if you can have a word with your child and speak to them outside of the classroom away from other students.

Pick Ups

  • Provide Written Notice Ahead of Time if someone other than yourself will be picking up your child/ carpooling.

  • Do not ask your child to come down to meet you at the car/ on the street after class as staff will be forced to accompany your child and make sure they are released to you safely. This can take time and supervision away from the children in the next class.

If you will be late to collect your child;

  • If there are more classes your child will be asked to sit and watch inside the classroom or inside one of the Children only areas to wait for you.

  • If it is the last class of the day Phone the coach immediately.

  • The coach may ask another adult to wait with them and your child for you to arrive.

  • If you are more than 10 mins late to collect your child 3 times on the 4th instance a fee of $15 per 15 minutes will apply and a meeting will be scheduled with your coach.

Phones and Photography

  • No Phones Zone; Inside the Classroom, Kitchen, Change Rooms, Bathrooms.

  • Phones are permitted in the waiting areas.

  • Do not film or photograph at any time during classes.

  • Only coaches are permitted to have phones in the classroom.

If you are called in to assist or watch your child in a class. Put it in your Pocket.

  • You may ask a Coach or Staff member to photograph or film your Child only. But do not disrupt the class to do so.

Social Media Policy

Please see our Social Media Policy for more info.

  • Do not Share DropBox Folder links.

  • Do not share or post or Images/ Videos that contain any other children but your own.

  • Please monitor your child’s social media profiles and messages and do not encourage them to communicate with staff.

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