Hi my name is Ilyan Keay;

I am the head coach at AcroPals and have turned a lifelong passion for Gymnastics into a career. I have created a well rounded Acro Program that creatively incorporates Gymnastics, Dance, Acrobatics and Tumbling. I try to create Dynamic training for all levels that fosters creativity and inspires students to strive to be the best Acrobats they can be for life and not just for the next trick.

My background is in Gym sports; I was an elite Gymnast who was awarded a scholaship to the AIS at 10 years old.

By 12 I was a National Champion Trampolinist, national medalist in Sports Acrobatics and by 16 a National Squad member and two time International medalist in Trampolining. I was awarded many prestigious accolades including a Sporting Blue Award, Layne Beachly Reach for the Stars nomination and NSW Athlete of the Year.

I retired after a great performance at the World Age Games in Germany 2003 with the best Australian Womens results in my age groups in Trampoline and Synchronised Trampoline. After retiring I turned my attention to Dance at Newtown High School of the Performing Arts in their Senior Dance Company.

I have taught various Gym Sports for 20 years (Since I was 12 years old!) I love teaching my style of Acrobatics and hope to continue teaching for many years to come!

I am Gymnastics Australia Accredited and have all the relevant Insurance, First Aid Certs and WWCC.

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