Private Lessons with Ilyan keay

Currently Fully Booked!

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  1. I run an assessment and discuss your goals & or skills you want to achieve.

  2. I set a custom program that we follow in each session to help you reach your desired outcomes.

  3. I give you the best drills and progressions and constantly update as you progress.

  4. I film and photograph throughout our sessions and upload regularly to your own personal dropbox account.

  5. I use video to break down technique and skills frame by frame to help correct errors in execution.

  6. I use video to track your progress and identify strengths and weaknesses.

  7. I offer lower rates for Privates run during dance classes, the rates below are based on full studio use.

  8. I am happy for you to split privates of 45 mins or 1 hour between upto 3 students!

  9. I offer 2 allowable makeup lessons for Private lessons you cannot attend on the 1st Monday of the school Holidays.

  10. You become the Acrobat you have always wanted to be!

Book in and Pay Online Weekly or as a one off below!