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MONDAYs (Inner Space Yoga)


Junior Acro

(Beginner 4 - Age 5 + No Experience)


Intermediate Acro

(Intermediate 1 - Age 7 + No Experience)


Senior Acro

(Intermediate 2 - Age 7 + Walkovers)


Performance Acro

(Intermediate 2 - 3 Must be doing more than one class and or dance outside of AcroPals )

FRIDAYs (Amera’s Palace)


Pre School Acro New Class Register Now!

(Age 1.5yrs- 3.5yrs with Parents Participation)


Junior Acro

(Beginner 4 - Age 5 + No Experience)


Intermediate Acro

(Intermediate 1 - Age 7 + No Experience)


Senior Acro

(Intermediate 2 - 3 - Age 7 + Walkovers or Handsprings)


Performance Acro

(Intermediate 2 - 3 Must be doing more than one class and or dance outside of AcroPals)

FRIDAYs (St Peters)


Junior Tumbling New Term 4 Class Register your Spot now!

(Beginner 4 - Intermediate 1)

(No Experience Necessary! Learn Cartwheels - Backbend kick overs.)


Senior Tumbling New Term 4 Class Register your Spot now!

(Intermediate 2 )

(Back Bend Kickovers Plus, Learn Aerials and Front/ Back Handsprings!)

SATURDAYs (Inner Space Yoga)


Private Lessons with Ms. Nikky


Private Lessons with Ms. Nikky


Adult Inversions and Hand Balancing/ Beginner Acro

Private and Small Lessons (Register your interest now)

Saturdays (St Peters)


Tiny Acro Under 5’s!

(Beginner 1 - 3 Age 3 - 5 yrs + Some Parent Participation)


Beginner Acro

(Beginner 3 - 4 Age 5 + Cartwheels, Roundoffs and Back Bends)


Intermediate Acro

(Intermediate 1 - 2 Age 7 + Roundoffs and Back Bends plus )


Senior Acro

(Intermediate 2 - Advanced Age 10 + Handsprings and Aerials to Twisting)


Family Acro Class! Acro for parents and their kids!

(No Experience Necessary!)

$35 for 2, $50 for 3, and $60 for 4!

(Brand New Class! Register Now!)

A little about the Acro Classes with Ilyan Keay:

My classes are inclusive of children from all backgrounds, shapes, sizes and abilities and introduce tumbling and acro in a safe progressive way based on the AcroPals Syllabus. I strive to build strong, resilient Acrobats and focus on creating a fun environment where every child can thrive. I don't push children or try to mold each child the same way, I celebrate each child's unique ability and motivate them to be not just the best Acrobats they can be, but the best little people they can be. Classes run for 1 hour and are small in size, there is a strict cut off of 10 or 12 students, so your child gets the attention they deserve.

Classes are based on the tried and tested Skill progressions created by Ilyan Keay through her 18 years of teaching Gym Sports and Dance Acro.We build our Acrobats from the ground up and focus on a strong foundation.We learn to fall before we learn to flip!Ages range from 2.5 yrs (For our Beginner 1 Levels with a parents participation) through to 16 + (Intermediate 3 - Advanced 2 Levels) and each child is carefully grouped in a way that will keep them thriving.

What is Acro?

Our unique Acro classes are floor based and we use mats and airtracks in all our classes.

Our classes combine;

Gymnastics based Shaping (think tuck or pike positions.)

Tumbling (think Cartwheels and Backhandsprings.)

Dance Acro based Aerials (think no handed cartwheels!)

Trampolining inspired Flips and Twists (think back tucks and back layouts with twists in the air.)

Sports Acrobatics/ Acroyoga (think standing on shoulders, getting thrown into the air, or balancing on someone's feet.)


Safety is always the priority:

Every term we revisit the most important things to keep your child safe and training for years to come, I try to always educate my students and discuss the risks associated with acro!

Key topics include;

Falling Technique.

Arm/ hand placement.

Learning the prerequisites for each skill.

Correct Alignment.

Correct Take off positions.

Correct Landing positions.

Correct Form and key positions in each skill.

Warm up and conditioning routines.

Stretching routines.

Working safely with partners and in groups.

Encouraging students to only train under their teachers supervision and provide safe at home stretching videos and drills.We test each child's knowledge and mastery of each skill before progressing.


Skill Progressions:

Each level has a number of skills to be mastered before graduating to the next level.

We frequently monitor and test children in a fun way to ensure we have left no gaps in their development.

We engage children throughout their development and use creative drills and games to teach them each new skills WITHOUT 'just chucking it' and hoping for the best. 

If a child is taught the right way there should never be a need to excessively spot or throw skills that they are not completely ready for. 

Every class features a 'Skill of the Day' with a thorough and concise lesson plan built around it.

Muscle memory is built over time week by week, lesson by lesson, skill by skill. 


What equipment do you use?

We use state of the art airtracks in our classes which provide a soft pillow of air under your child, provide superior shock absorption and are the gold star for safety in acro.

We also use various mats, small boxes, cylinders and squishy crash mats. 


What experience is required?

Our classes are suitable for beginners (learning basic positions, building strength and increasing flexibility) through to advanced students (combining aerial tricks and flips.)

Please Contact Ilyan Keay to find out which class level will be suitable for your child!

AcroPals encourages diversity of movement as well as the diversity of our students and we are constantly evolving with the influence of new teachers and techniques.